Why Slow Moving Vehicle Signs?

Slow Moving Vehicle signs have been saving lives for over 50 years. Today, many states have enacted legislation requiring the use of the SMV emblem. In addition, the sign has now been adopted for use in other countries, including Canada.

A Historical Perspective of the SMV Emblem (Ohio State University page)

Changes to the Use of the Slow Moving Vehicle Sign (National Ag Safety Database)

Slow Moving Vehicle Emblems

Triad Products Co. SMV Signs & Reflective tape.

ASABE Certified

All of our SMV signs are certified and tested to meet the current ASABE standards.

Long-Lasting Signs

Metal signs are 22 gauge galvanized steel making them durable and long-lasting. Our plastic signs are not susceptible to rust or corrosion in most normal weather conditions.


Each sign is designed to meet most weather conditions, to provide a long-lasting product.

Universal or Custom?

Triad Products Co. custom designs metal SMV Signs for most major brands. Our plastic SMV signs are designed to fit most major brands.

USA Made

All products produced by The Triad Group of Companies are proudly made in the USA.

Three Different Styles.

Galvanized Steel, Decal, or Plastic Backing.

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Other Products

Triad Products Co. provides other products for the Slow Moving Vehicle Emblem line.

Reflective & Conspicuity Tape

The reflective tape is 2" x 9" and is available in three different colors: yellow, orange, and red. All three colors are available in individual retail packaging, in sets of 5, or for wholesale purchasing.

Triad Products Co. SMV Signs

Mounting Socket

The SMV Mounting Sockets can be placed where you want and are designed to hold the SMV spade mount of the SMV sign.

Mounting Spade

The Mounting Spade provides the necessary mounting hardware, made out of 14 gauge galvanized steel, to mount a SMV Emblem to a spade. The spade is sold in kits or individually, they can also come with or without hardware.

About Us

Triad Products Co. is located in Hastings, NE and is a sister company of the long-standing manufacturing company, Merrick Machine Company. It has been apart of the Triad Group of Companies since 1989.

Triad Products Co.

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Our History

Triad Products Co. is structured as a Limited Partnership with the other the Triad Group of Companies. They are each a stand alone company doing business in separate facilities with independent offices, manufacturing and warehousing. With sustained and programmed growth, these they have continued to modernize and expand the physical assets, state-of-the-art equipment, and add talented and competent personnel.

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